About Us

BRANDS-WHOLESALE.COM brand of Vilkas Group based in Bonn (DE). is one of the main "MULTI BRAND FASHION WHOLESALE SHOP IN EUROPA" # Number1 in Europe for the online distribution of designer clothing and accessories at discounted prices through its web platform BRANDS-WHOLESALE.COM



All the products sponsored on our marketplace are 100% ORIGINAL AND NEW WITH LABEL with the guarantee of our suppliers that are exclusively European companies. Our job is to develop the online business of large distributors who do not have adequate technological and marketing know-how by offering them the opportunity to supply and integrate their product catalog and stock directly on the BRANDS-WHOLESALE.COM web platform, giving rise to a large network. Thousands of customers registered from all over the world have chosen us as an online supplier always ready to offer them thousands of fashionable products, at discounted prices and always delivered as quickly as possible.

Our strengths towards the retailer customer are:
• Careful Customer service to customer needs
• Shipping throughout Europe / Extra-EU
• Wide selection of products and brands
• Discounts from 50% to 80% from the retailer price


We owe our success to all those customers who immediately placed their trust in our people, in our services and who follow us every day in the choices we make.

With us you do not buy fakes
In times of online trading and international production, the topic of counterfeiting or fakes is becoming more and more important.

If, for example, customers are looking for a sought-after branded product, it is not uncommon for counterfeiters to direct them to specially furnished shops in order to sell their counterfeit goods. Counterfeits or fakes can be found here in many variants and, in particular, premium brands such as DSQUARED2, ARMANI, LACOSTE, RALPH LAUREN and GIVENCHY are naturally most frequently affected.

It is therefore not surprising that, especially in the outlet area, customers are quickly insecure, whether they get for the low price and original goods. It therefore always applies to known and trusted seals such as. 

That's easy with Brands Wholesale
Our customers can be sure to receive only original products from their respective manufacturers. We check our products for authenticity and thus avoid the sale of counterfeits and the resulting damage to our customers.

In addition to the guarantee of original products, we offer you through the dealer federation tested shop with more than two thousand customers, secure protection of customer data through SSL encryption and free flash shipping via DHL.

Cut the middleman
If Brands Wholesale offers only original goods and strictly distances itself from counterfeiting, how can we get it at our bargain prices?
Quite simply, we optimize our processes and buy the goods on hard-negotiated terms and in large quantities. Here we proceed according to the principle "cut the middleman" and obtain original products directly from the manufacturer. Thus, we can offer original goods at reasonable prices for our customers and do not have to sacrifice quality.

Basically, however, if you are not satisfied with a product, contact us! Optimal service and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

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